How do I use melted sugar in a large-scale production?

For work, we are looking for a way to top large batches of desserts with caramelized sugar, to achieve a crunchy coating on the exterior. Currently, we are topping each dessert with granulated sugar individually, and brulee-ing them one at a time. However, we are looking to switch to melted, caramelized sugar, as we like the way it looks. My question is this: Is there a way to make a large batch of caramelized sugar that stays melted for, say, 2 dozen small pastries? Is there a way to keep it warm without continuing to cook it? Thanks!

Seamus Herrell


Miss_Karen January 1, 2019
I would suggest setting up your desserts on a prep table or counter, and then pouring your liquid caramel over the top. With only 2 dozen or so it shouldn't take too long. Then your caramel will set up. You can use the defrist setting on a microwave for about 20 seconds to reheat it w/o cooking it (too much.)
PieceOfLayerCake December 29, 2018
Just straight, unadulterated caramel? I've never heard of keeping caramel fluid without keeping it over heat, therefore continuing to cook it.
Seamus H. December 29, 2018
True, but would I be able to keep it warm over low heat? Could I caramelize it at a lower temp to prevent it from burning quicker?
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