can i use a standing mixer to make caramel

i made a french walnut tart. recipe had me put sugar in a saucepan w one T of water. once it turns golden, i was to add butter and cream on low heat, stirring constantly till the butter melts. then i add walnuts.

the first attempt failed. by the time the butter melted, much of the sugar had turned hard. it stuck to the pan and i couldn't move it. boiling water and baking soda enabled me to get the caramel off the bottom to to toss it and start over

for the 2nd attempt, i cooked the butter and cream separately. i poured them into the golden sugar. all went well, and i was able to add in the walnuts and combine, but a little bit of sugar had stuck to the pan already. i had enough to fill the tart shell however.

the tart was very tasty but and a friend found some hard spots tho our teeth were able to handle it. i'm thinking of transferring the melted sugar to a standing mixer so i don't have to stir the sugar while i add the heated butter/cream. i'm wondering if this will avoid the few hard parts. it's delicious, but i'm afraid someone could break a tooth.

  • Posted by: alan
  • January 30, 2022


KLS January 31, 2022
Just a thought:
melt the butter and cream together, keep warm. once the sugar is golden, add butter/cream,. stir together, add nuts
alan February 1, 2022
that's how i did it. now maybe i could use a silicon glove and pour the melted cream/butter faster w my right hand while stirring the sugar w my left and then pour the nuts in fast enough. or maybe i could pour the nuts into the melted butter/cream. the melted sugar hardened in a few places by the time i had mixed everything in. it's a matter of timing and the need to b fast.
Nancy January 31, 2022
Alan - don't have an answer to your possible stand-mixer method. But here's an article about trouble-shooting when making caramel. See if this maybe helps you avoid the hardness problem.
alan February 1, 2022
i will read it.
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