Holiday Swap 2018 Issues

This was my first year participating in the swap. I happily packed a box of cookies and snacks to my swapee (who responded really promptly--thank you Erin, your letter made my day!!)

However I didn't receive a gift and have contacted Noelle but she hasn't responded. I'm not sure where else to look/ask for help. I was really looking forward to receiving something in the mail and this really sucks.

  • Posted by: cardona
  • January 3, 2019


Miss_Karen January 5, 2019
OK. Thanks for the AWOL report :)
Miss_Karen January 4, 2019
The very same thing has happened to me. Sigh! My son says 'your box will arrive some day Mom.' I don't know if this is reassuring or not. It is possible that the government shut down has affected the mail... I don't know. Maybe you & I should gift each other- then at least it would be a box....
BerryBaby January 5, 2019
That's disappointing. People do that, sign up and then do nothing. Hopefully you will have a gift soon.
Side note...mail service is not part of government shutdown.
Sending you warm wishes for a Happy New Year!
enbe January 5, 2019
Unfortunately, it seems as if yours (as well as a few others) are lost in the mail and have yet to reach their destination - this is the story with most swaps that don't get completed. I'm so sorry about this!
enbe January 4, 2019
So sorry to hear this- check your email, I'm looking into it.
cardona January 5, 2019
Thank you so much for checking up on it! If it did get lost in the mail (I was a bit confused about whether or not your reply was to me or Miss Karen in the thread below) then that's a real shame but I really appreciate your efforts to figure out what happened!
Merrill S. January 4, 2019
So sorry to hear this. I've reached out to Noelle as well and someone will check back in with you asap via email -- we'll sort this out!
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