What are some of the best mail order holiday meals?

We'll be traveling on Christmas Day and I'd like to order at least an entree and a dessert to be delivered to our destination as I won't have time to shop/cook. I've looked at Williams Sonoma and wasn't very inspired. Any suggestions on where else I can look?



Nancy December 5, 2019
Just to be able to give you good suggestions:
Will you have ability to reheat foods?
Do you want to have a traditional Christmas dinner and/or are you open to other menu choices?
Will you be arriving before Christmas day when any food or liquor stores might be open to supplement the delivered prepared food?
christine December 5, 2019
Thanks, Nancy! My husband and our 3 children and I are flying to my in-laws' on Christmas Day, hopefully just in time for dinner. My mother-in-law, has just broken her dominant arm and while we'll be in a fully functioning and stocked kitchen, she's unable to do much in the way of cooking. I thought it'd be a nice gift to send at least part of Christmas dinner from a gourmet level mail order co. We're a total of 7.
Nancy December 5, 2019
Christine - What a nice plan to cover Christmas for your family!
Some of us did something similar for an aunt's family when she had just come home from the hospital around Thanksgiving. Then, we used a local grocery store with a good reputation to deliver a full ready to eat meal.
If nothing like that is available, I'd go for one of three companies: Harry and David, Zingerman's, Omaha Steaks.
While you might not think of them first for a Christmas dinner, they each have expanded beyond their original specialties to now sell main dishes (turkeys, ham, lamb, etc.) and desserts (fruit cakes, pies, other cakes). I've used the first two with great results and heard good things about Omaha Steaks.
Hope this helps, Nancy
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