Why do salmon and avocado taste SOOO good together?

  • Posted by: Seph
  • March 18, 2011


lbgirl March 19, 2011
A lot of it is what you are used to as well. My family has noticed that certain food combinations which seem obvious to us are not so appealing to my brother-in-law who grew up in a different part of the country. Personally, I don't care for avocado with salmon, but find it great on burgers! And, of course, both are very fatty, which unfortunately tastes good to most of us.
monkeymom March 19, 2011
I think I like the vegetal aspect that avocado brings to the party. Fatty-veg. The creamy mouthfeel is also killer.
Amanda H. March 19, 2011
Great together. Even better with something acidic like citrus. Brightens them up.
littleknitter March 18, 2011
It's probably due to the fact that both are really high in omega 3 fatty acids. Also, the luscious, velvety textures of both complement each other really well.
amysarah March 18, 2011
There are no doubt logical reasons why certain foods combine so well - salmon/avocado; chocolate/coconut; tomato/basil; melon/proscuitto, etc. But I'm fine with thinking there's just a certain magic that happens when they get together.
Nora March 18, 2011
Because they're both just yummy sexy blissy?
boulangere March 18, 2011
I'm on board. It's compatible fats and textures. Most molecules that carry flavor are fat-soluble. Balance them with an acid, and there you are!
Prue B. March 18, 2011
Both carry flavor really well as they have a really high fat content, so they are very compatible and work against the contrasting flavor of soy in sushi. It's the flavor combining principle of Agrodolce - using contrasting flavors in correct amounts to create balance and harmony. Outside of Japanese cooking, salmon and avocado salad will always be cut with some kind of acid, you know, using the opposites to create balance. It's a fabulous principle, I use it all the time when I get to the "mmmmm, what's missing?" stage.
Emily H. March 18, 2011
This is more of an opinion, but I think the texture of the two complement each other really well. Both have a sort of creamy, fatty thing happening, and [dork mode] similar densities [/dork mode]. Or that's just how I perceive them.
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