What can I use Avocado Oil for?



michellemybell February 4, 2013
It's great with veggie sautés and really great with meats. Especially on the grill!
QueenSashy February 3, 2013
It's also good for the hair :)
FutureChef February 2, 2013
If its cold-pressed, I would stay away from cooking with it purely for cost effectiveness; why but expensive, good quality, nutritious oil only to render most of the nutrients out. I would stick with a vinaigrette. You could certainly serve it with a warm salad or garnish a soup with it.

Better yet! Make vegan avocado ice cream. The water content in whole avocados doesn't allow for a custardy texture, but if you blended with avocado oil (and maybe a touch of coconut meat if necessary), it would be amazing. Just taste for sweetness and be aware that it will taste less sweet once frozen.
SKK February 2, 2013
Cooking anything, moisturizer for skin, any recipe you would use olive oil.
Maedl February 2, 2013
Salad dressing benefit from the nutty flavors of avocado oil. It is also good for frying and sauteeing--it stands up well to heat.
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