Kenji's resturaunt decision.

I have just unsubscribed after 10 years. I heard Kenji will not serve anyone in his restaurant who wears a MAGA hat. I don't appreciate politics being injected into the site or food in general. I hope others will feel the same way and it will be reflected on your site.

  • Posted by: Sharon
  • February 2, 2019


Cary February 7, 2019
I don't believe he is involved with this site? Why are you leaving Food52?
Gammy February 3, 2019
Flip that statement around and view the other way. Perhaps Kenji doesn't want politics injected into his restaurant by someone wearing a polarizing MAGA hat. Take the hat off, leave your politics at the door and you are welcome to enter and enjoy his food.
marianne February 3, 2019
I like your thought process. Also you should not be wearing any hat of any political affiliation while dining out in a restaurant anyway. Have we become so mannerless and casual that wearing a hat while dining is OK now?
BerryBaby February 3, 2019
Are you confusing Kenzi with Kenji?
eileen February 2, 2019
Amen to that!!!! Leave politics out! Just like the bedroom, what goes on I don't want know.
We are just being inundated with too many particulars that have no relevance.
Stephanie B. February 2, 2019
Kenji like J. Kenji Lopes-Alt of Serious Eats? He doesn't come up of you peruse the "Team" page on Food52...are you opining on the right site? As for not wanting politics and food to mix, try telling that to wedding cake bakers.
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