Looking to buy a new food processor

My 35 year old cuisinart is on its last legs. I use it a lot. What would others recommend? Not too fussed about the price as I will have it a long time and use it a lot

  • Posted by: Laurelb
  • November 25, 2012


ChefOno November 25, 2012

Not meaning to start any arguments but I have a completely different opinion of the Cuisenart Elite. In general it is well designed, powerful and elegant. Lots to like. BUT… Food constantly gets trapped in the lid and can be all but impossible to remove. Beyond the hassle of trying to flush out the stubborn bits, this creates a real danger from foodborne illness. Not only can small particles of food enter when using the machine, all manner of yuck gets washed in if you attempt to clean it in the dishwasher.

Purées present a second cleaning problem in that they can be sucked up and out the center shaft during operation. What a mess!!! Lackluster performance aside, these two issues make it totally unacceptable in my book. Cook's Illustrated also tested it and agrees.

Swede November 25, 2012
I just replaced my 20 year old cuisinart with the Cuisinart Elite Collection 14-Cup Food Processor. The old cuisinart still works well, but is now used for backup and travel. The Elite is hands down the food processor to buy. I am 100% satified with this product.
3 Food Processors in 1!
14-cup Large Bowl, 11-cup Medium Bowl, and 4½-cup
Small Bowl with Pour Spouts & Measurement Markings
Exclusive Patent-Pending SealTight™ Advantage System –
Seals Bowls and Locks Blades
Easy On/Off Locking System with Push-Button Release
Stainless Steel Adjustable Slicing Disc (1 to 6mm)
Stainless Steel Reversible Shredding Disc (fine/medium)
Large and Small Stainless Steel Chopping/Mixing Blades with BladeLock System
Dough Blade
Cuisinart® Supreme® Wide-Mouth Feedtube and Cover Assembly
Electronic Touchpad Controls – On/Off/ Dough/Pulse with surrounding Blue LED Lights
1000-Watt Peak Power Motor
Retractable Cord
Accessory Storage Case with Lock
How-to DVD
Recipe/Instruction Book
All removable parts are dishwasher safe
20-Year Motor Warranty
3-Year Limited Warranty
Available in Die-Cast, White and Black
BPA Free
Sam1148 November 25, 2012
I have a large one that's a under counter dweller. My workhorse that sits on top of the counter top is a Cuisinart "mini prep'. Which is just the right size for making Hummus, dressings, or sauces like chimichurri or one crust of pizza dough. 1 cup flour..1/3 water. size.
If you can afford it get both. The mini prep is so much more a daily use thing and little container and blade fit easily in the top rack of the dishwasher.
drbabs November 25, 2012
This will probably confuse you, but I love my kitchen aid. http://www.kitchenaid.com/product/KFPW760OB.uts?noFlash=true
Cooks illustrated prefers the Cuisinart.

Monita November 25, 2012
I've got an 11 cup Cuisinart which I think is great. Have used the same size in Kitchen Aid which is also good but prefer the Cuisinart
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