Can I cook in my (very) heavy copper unlined candy pot ?

Can I safely cook in my beautiful old heavy candy pot. Cast iron handles, but it's solid copper - no lining, or tinning . . .
- Sopwithflyer



Lori T. February 12, 2019
You can cook pretty much what you would like, but avoid acidic ingredients at all costs. Acid will leach copper into the food, and that is toxic. Low doses will just make you ill, but copper toxicity is dangerous for your liver and health. The pots are great for jam and jelly, and safe due to the relatively short cooking times they will produce for that. Obviously, it's a candy pot, so most candy making will be perfectly safe and very enjoyable with it. Otherwise, I'd seriously consider having it tinned professionally. That way you don't have to be concerned.
BakerBren February 11, 2019
Yes, with caution. Polenta is traditionally cooked in unlined copper pots. You should avoid using it to cook or serve acidic dishes (such as tomato sauces).
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