Refreshed starter

how soon after you feed your starter can you use it in this recipe? My starter is active, being fed regularly and has been on the counter for the last two weeks.

Carrie Southern
Table Loaf
Recipe question for: Table Loaf


Sarah O. March 28, 2019
After you feed a healthy starter, it can be ready to use during a rather wide window of time, depending upon your environmental conditions and the type of flour you’re using. I usually recommend using it as Stephanie B. Suggested, in its most active state (indicated by it at least doubling in size). This can be anywhere between 6-8 hours (in a moderately warm environment) and up to 10-12 hours (in a chilly kitchen).
Carrie S. March 29, 2019
Thank you Sarah!!! Much gratitude to you and your lovely work :)
Stephanie B. March 28, 2019
Since the leaven calls for fresh/fed starter, I'd say use your starter when it's in the most active phase after you've fed it, if that makes sense.
Carrie S. March 29, 2019
This was very helpful Stephanie. Thank you!
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