Sour wine in stew

I used a wine I had not tasted to make a boeuf bouguinon. It had sediment in the bottle and my sauce tastes slightly bitter. Would caramelised onionse help adjust the flavor? Or does anyone have other suggestions?

  • Posted by: plevee
  • April 20, 2019


Smaug April 20, 2019
Welllll- it wouldn't hurt, but you could have a real problem here- Beef Bourguignon is, to a great extent about the wine, and wine flavors are quite complex;when they go off you're likely to have a complex problem that won't be simply resolved. If a little bitter (or sour- wine that's gone off is likely to develop acetic acid) is all you have to worry about some sweet (such as onion, more tomato, sweet peppers) might solve it, but you're likely to have to either start over or really mask the flavor with things like sherry, ancho chili powder, mustard- and you'll end up with a completely different dish. Of course it could be a great discovery, but the odds are poor.
plevee April 20, 2019
Thanks. I hsven't got time to restart so I'll try the onions first. Thank you.
Smaug April 20, 2019
Best of luck.
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