Has anyone made the "Early Summer Panzanella" using a good substitute for the garlic scapes?

  • Posted by: mbobden
  • August 2, 2019


QueenSashy August 6, 2019
Agree with Sarah, it's not easy to find one to one sub for garlic scape. I would go with one or two garlic cloves, a tiny bit of scallion tops, a lot of scallion greens and chives. I think that the combinations of green part of scallion and garlic are the closest to it in flavor.
Sarah H. August 2, 2019
I have been meaning to test this out and I haven't yet so this is just my best guess -- but I'd suggest a couple of cloves of garlic and either chives or scallion greens. I've attached a photo of what the scape pesto look like -- in the absence of scapes, I think you'd want some sort of milder allium green as a substitute!
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