What are your favorite freezable meals?

Hello F52ers! I just bought a chest freezer, in the hopes of getting ahead with a bunch of freezable meals for lunch and dinner. I know I'm going to make lots of soups and stews, but I'd love more ideas! What are your favorite recipes that freeze well?

Emma Laperruque


tia October 10, 2019
Raw chicken or pork, sliced thin and frozen flat for quick almost-stir-fries or dry curries (I can pull off a curry from start to finish before the rice is done with this technique).
Single servings of rice or beans. Ratatouille.
Breakfast burritos.
Caramelized onions, frozen flat so you can break some off as needed.
Stuffed shells, uncooked.
Amaatta L. October 1, 2019
Baked Pastas - barely cooked pastas, mix with sauce/chopped veggies and protein (meatballs, sausages, chicken, chickpeas, beans), top with cheese, and freeze in oven safe pan. can go directly from freezer to oven and the pasta will finish cooking in oven, make sure to add extra half cup or so of sauce so pasta can absorb while baking. bake with foil on for first 30 minutes and then remove foil for additional 15 minutes.

Casseroles - rice casserole dishes freeze well (for ex: chicken/broccoli/wild rice/mushrooms with homemade cream of mushroom soup, or from the can, whichever you want). can exchange rice for farro, quinoa, barley and I usually throw in some non-fat greek yogurt as well which adds a yummy tang.

Lasagnas, but I don't cook the noodles, I just assemble with dry noodles, makes sure lots of sauce is used, and the noodles cook in the oven

Chicken Enchiladas Casserole: saute garlic and onion, add black beans, leftover cooked chicken (i.e. rotisserie chicken), corn, peppers (i use frozen from trader joe's), etc. get oven safe pan and spray with non-stick spray. line pan with wheat tortillas. spread layer of refried beans. top with chicken mixture, then shredded cheddar cheese. top with another layer of tortillas, refried beans, chicken, cheese. end with final layer of tortilla and top with cheese. mix together packet or can of enchilada or green tomatillo sauce and 8-12 oz of milk, non-fat is ok. pour that all over the casserole and then freeze. bake with foil on for 30 minutes and then foil off for 15 at 350-375.

Crock-pot packets - I prepare meals and freeze flat in ziplock bags. Day before I thaw in the fridge and then dump them in the crock pot the next morning. works great for beef dishes like stews, beef with hoisin or garlic sauce and broccoli, chicken with honey-garlic-soy sauce, etc.

Finally, I make beans and rice in my instant pot and then freeze them in containers or ziplock bags and will use them for soups and stews.

I love my freezer. Congrats on getting one! Lots of good recipes online for freezer meals.
Emily W. September 24, 2019
Some favorites:
-Chicken/turkey pot pie filling in one container, and individually frozen pie crusts (all you have to do is roll out, fill, and bake for weeknight comfort food)
-Vegetable rice (basmati rice cooked with whatever sauteed vegetables are on hand, in small containers of 2-3 portions each)
-Orange braised pork shoulder
-Shepherd's pie filling (defrost and top with freshly made mashed potatoes)
-Curries of all sorts (not anything with potatoes)
-Spicy black beans
-Boneless, skinless chicken thighs braised in homemade BBQ sauce
-Meatballs in tomato sauce
PHIL August 27, 2019
pulled pork, beef bourguignon, chicken soup,
Happygoin August 23, 2019
I have three favorite things I make big batches of to freeze. Martha Stewart’s recipe for Turkey Sloppy Joe’s. It has grated carrots in it, and you can feel virtuous eating them.

Mario Batali’s recipe for Sausage and Fennel Ragu. So good!

Emeril’s recipe for Turkey Bolognese. Again, you can feel a bit virtuous eating it.

All make for quick, easy weeknight meals.
MMH August 21, 2019
Rather than freeze dishes we freeze many components. For example, when I spatchcock a chicken I put the back bone in a freezer bag. Then when I have a few, I make stock and I freeze it in 2 cup portions so I always have home made stock. We freeze peeled knobs of ginger wrapped individually. They are much easier to grate on a rasp frozen & we always have them on hand. We freeze whole herbs - rosemary, thyme, parsley, lemon grass. They all freeze well. I think they are easier to handle frozen whole. When our garden gets ahead of us, we freeze Roma tomatoes. When they thaw the skin peals right off and can go right in to a dish. Most of the time when I roast a chicken, it’s just as easy to roast 2. I carve the second one and freeze the pieces for a variety of uses. Same goes for rice.
Nancy August 21, 2019
One of the banes if using a freezer is figuring out what to do with separate items in there.
Instead, pack some meal kits that are raw or part cooked, and all you have to do is thaw, cook the protein, warm or finish the sides, garnish and serve.
Mix and match in one box: fish, meat, veg protein; starch (pasta, rice, mashed potatoes etc), and some vegetables.
Omit sauces...this gives you more flexibility in finishing the dishes when you actually cook.
So even if you packed 5 meals from a chicken or other bird, you can serve it variously with lemon, herbs, mole, white wine sauce, etc.
Stephanie G. August 21, 2019
Merrill's Birthday lasagna, black beans and white rice, dals, bolognese sauce, lots of bean dishes.
Gammy August 21, 2019
Brunswick stew, although the potatoes turn a bit grainy in freezing. Also chili and spaghetti/ sauce. Cookie dough, portioned out and individually frozen then bagged, so you can bake only a dozen or so at a time. Emma, I've learned square containers take up less room than round ones. For casseroles, I sometimes line or grease the baking dish to be used, pour in the raw mixed ingredients and freeze. The next day, I pop out the frozen block of casserole and vacuum-seal it, writing the cooking instructions on the outside of the bag. Right now, I am making fresh corn pudding and divving up into mini cake pans instead of a 9x13" casserole to freeze in 2 person portions. I have also been known to break down family-size packages of chicken, hamburger or steaks and freeze in 2 person portions. Investigate getting a vacuum sealer, they really help to prevent freezer burn.
Emma L. August 21, 2019
So many great tips—thank you, Gammy!
HalfPint August 20, 2019
Does gumbo count as a meal?
Emma L. August 21, 2019
For sure!
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