Easy lunch for visiting friends??

Need suggestion for a lunch for 4 that I can make ahead and just pull out of fridge and heat (or not). Thanks

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PHIL August 27, 2019
pasta salad, Alison Roman has a new recipe in the NY times. Cheeseboard is always a winner but let it warm up a bit , don't serve cold from the fridge. cold poached salmon over salad. steak salad
luvcookbooks August 26, 2019
Gazpacho, maybe Julia Moskin’s from the NYT. Bread and olive oil or warm croutons with the cold soup. Cucumber buttermilk soup would also be delicious. If chilly, a hot soup, maybe leek and potato or carrot with leeks and coriander, yogurt separately. Still bread. A green salad with soft herbs, tomatoes and cucumber or fennel ( if you had cucumber soup). Cheese, very good chocolate bars in pieces, candied ginger and fruit. Fontina is nice with fruit and a young Gorgonzola. Coffee or tea. Wine with the meal.
MMH August 25, 2019
Miss_Karen August 25, 2019
Oriental Chicken Ramen salad and crackers and some tangerines.
inpatskitchen August 25, 2019
Dad's Favorite Seafood Stew!https://food52.com/recipes/14754-dad-s-favorite-seafood-stew
You can use a 28 ounce can of roma tomatoes and make the broth a day ahead. Then it's just a matter of slipping the fish and seafood in the bubbling broth just before serving. Nice crusty bread to sop up the juices and some fruit topped ice cream for dessert.
HalfPint August 25, 2019
Assuming there are no dietary restrictions or food hang-ups, here are some ideas:

Taco bar: the day before, cook the filling, prep the toppings/salsa, and refrigerate. Then all you have left is to take the food out of the fridge, warm up the filling and the tortillas.

Soup or salad/sandwich. Right now, I’m craving tomato gazpacho and curried chicken salad sandwich.

Charcuterie and cheese board. No cooking necessary, just buy a couple types of cheese, meats, and spreads from your local grocers. Prep the food that morning or the night before. Buy bread the morning of your lunch and serve the board with a light wine or sparkling water.
Nancy August 25, 2019
If this is soon (= end of summer):
1) appetizer - bruschetta with cheese or vegetable topping.
2) main - salad composee (like salad nicoise) with fish, and a mix of light and sturdy vegetables
3) fruit cobbler topped with whipped cream or ice cream
4) drinks...your favorite iced tea or coffee, or a rose.
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