Any ideas for a dessert I can make ahead and freeze?

I'm having 14 people for Christmas dinner but will be out of town until Christmas Eve. I need a great dessert that can be made ahead and frozen, or something really quick and easy to make. Preferably something delicious.

  • Posted by: CMTerp
  • November 30, 2011


ladycakes November 30, 2011
Egg nog ice cream or any ice cream, really...
lloreen November 30, 2011
how about little vanilla or chocolate cream pots? they are super fast to make in the morning or evening and look very elegant if you put them in nice glasses. You could make them fancy by making a fruit freezer jam - like a compote - for the bottom layer. then just pour the cream mixture on top and refrigerate them until you are ready to serve.

or how about cookies and the lemon Posset posset from MrsLarkin? I happen to know that ginger cookies taste even better frozen than fresh and they are very Christmassy. You would just need to make the posset in the morning....
sdebrango November 30, 2011
You can make an unbaked pie like apple and freeze it, pop it in the oven when you are ready to bake it.
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