kosher pesco-vegetarian dinner guests?! Dairy's ok. What the ? can I make w/ *wow* factor? Considering puff pastry wrap salmon? Sides?



lbcashmanRD March 25, 2011
Yes Mrs Keller. They make allowances outside their home but keep it to fish...these ideas are fab and seasonal! I've always wanted to try a salt baked fish...may use them as an excuse. (and post a request for a recipe :) Thanks all!!
MrsKeller March 25, 2011
Just for the record I have to add that unless you keep a Kosher kitchen, nothing you cook will be Kosher.
SKK March 25, 2011
Almost forgot -
These sauteed radishes are incredibly good.
SKK March 25, 2011
For a side - broiled asparagus covered with a chili oil either purchased or you can make it . The asparagus roasts about 3 to 5 minutes and is divine. Had it last night.
inpatskitchen March 25, 2011
Here's a great salmon and leek pie recipe with puff pastry....roasted asparagus as a side would be nice
ChefJune March 25, 2011
Great parve sides with fish? Try a rice pilau with currants and toasted pecans, and sauteed spinach (or swiss chard, even better!) with garlic and ginger.
brandon March 25, 2011
do a salt packed striped bass. Lots of wow factor and its local so you can be sure to get a nice fresh fish on the fly. It is absolutely the best way to cook fish for lots of people.
drbabs March 25, 2011
Oops...friends. (sorry)
drbabs March 25, 2011
I've made this for kosher frieds--just leave out the pancetta.

It's fabulous either way. (I also made it with turkey bacon but that doesn't fit your requirement.)

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