Ingredients for Kim Boyce's Good to the Grain?

I'm tempted to buy this cookbook but want to make sure I can (easily) find the specialty grains. My local Whole Foods didn't have as many as I expected. Is there a good place online to source the ingredients?

  • Posted by: EmilyC
  • March 25, 2011


Stephanie G. March 26, 2011
I have the book and have made about 10 of the recipes. I really love it. I have found most flours at Central Market (Texas only) and W.F's. I'm sure Amazon has alot too. I caution you to not go out and buy all the flours. For example, I use WW pastry flour in alot of recipes. Mostly I use oat flour, WW, spelt, amaranth ($$$ but worth it) millet, barley, and rye. Those were easy to find. Teff is also at Central Market but it is $$$ so I just sub WW and it is fine. Good luck! I love that book! They only disappointment has been the cornbread recipe. The Chocolate chip cookies are a big winner!
SKK March 25, 2011
Bob's Redmill sells and ships organic grains and flours. Consider grinding your own flour from seeds. Looking forward to hearing the recipes you invent!
mainecook61 March 25, 2011
I do own the book. Go easy; don't buy all those flours and grains at once, unless you plan to keep them in the freezer. To my mind, one of the sterling recipes in the book is the wholegrain blend of several different flours. (It gets its own chapter.) She offers several ways to use it, but you can put it in lots of things, like subbing the blend for half the white flour in a muffin recipe, etc. I even have used it to thicken a bechamel sauce! And before I knew it, I had used up the components; they didn't languish in the cupboard. Even better, the eaters in my house who look suspiciously upon too much "grainy stuff" have no clue that I've swapped some white flour for the blend.
KateAlice. March 25, 2011
Hi Emily,
I do not have Kim's book so am not sure of the specific grains you're after, but I do cook a lot with quinoa, buckwheat, millet etc, so can help if those are the ones you're after. Amazon is where I'd recommend-a really good source for these. I'd definitely recommend buying online, because the cost is usually much cheaper!

I have a cookbook blog that has links to where you can buy all the ingredients I cook with (look under 'the Pantry' tab on the homepage). I'm not sure if it's okay to link my blog here-but it's on my profile page.

Best of luck, and I hope you enjoy cooking with the whole grains-they really offer so much: new flavours and great nutrition :)
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