Substitution of the milk powder!

How can I substitute the malted milk powder? Here in Italy it is not widely available!

Beatrice Azzolina


Lori T. November 10, 2019
I don't know if you can locate a product called Horlicks, but the plain version of this drink is basically malted milk powder. It's a favorite drink in Britain. There is also a chocolate version available- though you'd have to play with that as a flavoring in the cake. The only other thing I can think of to suggest is to see if you can find malted milk balls in a candy shop. The chocolate they are covered in is not generally good quality, so you might want to remove as much of that as you could. Then you'd have to pulverize the inner balls- but they are malted milk powder, so would work. Aside from these suggestions, I've no idea what you could use.
Gammy November 9, 2019
Sorry, I don't know a substitute for the malted milk powder... it is not just powdered milk, but has some malted grain in it also. Since the malted milk powder is a major flavoring agent in both the cake AND the frosting, I would search for a different chocolate cake recipe to use altogether. Maybe another reader here can help with a similar chocolate cake recipe?
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