Suggestions for salvaging sweet potato/flour mixture? It was supposed to be gnocchi...

I don't think it will work, as the potato was too wet when I riced it and started adding the flour. Adding more flour will just make it heavier. What can I do with it? It was 2 large roasted sweet potatoes and 2.5 cups of white (and a bit of wheat) flour. Trying to make it into gnocchi is resulting in a pasty mess on the counter...



Nancy November 23, 2019
Add milk and egg to make a pancake batter
Nancy November 24, 2019
About 1c milk and 1 egg per cup of flour, by the way.
So if you've got enough egg in the dough already, just add the milk.
Stephanie B. November 23, 2019
Could you roll it out to make regular pasta instead of gnocchi?
boulangere November 23, 2019
Well, you're in this far, so you might as well continue. You're right, adding more flour will make the gnocchi heavier, but go ahead and finish the dough, and cook it. Consider it a learning experience. Chances are good you won't make the same mistake again. You'll make new ones!

By the way, I did the exact same thing, only my mess was public. I was teaching a class on different ways of making gnocchi, and had to keep adding, and adding, and adding flour. I finally said: You know, I think this would work much better if the sweet potatoes were baked. That's how I've made gnocchi with them ever since.
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