Hello! I am going to buy a stand mixer for my wife, we already have a Kitchen Aid Professional, seeking one with two beaters, what are these named?

Unable to determine the name for this type of mixer. I see them handheld more typically.

  • Posted by: Robert
  • December 3, 2019


Gammy December 4, 2019
Why are you wanting a second mixer with 2 beaters? Is there something you are unable to do or make with the Kitchen Aid Pro? More power? Larger bowl?
Robert December 5, 2019
Gammy, it was a frosting texture issue. We were unable to attain a certain texture and mix flour into a frosting using a Kitchen Aid Pro 600. I saw a two beater stand mixer do the job and wanted to go that route, but was redirected thanks to Nancy and wound up ordering a Kitchen Aid handheld two beater mixer, success!
Nancy December 3, 2019
Maybe tell us how or for what you want to use the two-beater appliance and we can give some more ideas.
Robert December 4, 2019
Specifically, when mixing a cream cheese frosting the Kitchen Aid did not mix the flour as thoroughly as desired. I did not see the entire process my wife used, there might be a better methodology she could have implemented. It just so happened we were visiting family and my Mom was making the same recipe and pulled out a Sunbeam two beater stand mixer that had a glass bowl and spun, this seemed like a nice tool... and the frosting was spot on. To fix my wife's frosting I used an electric two beater and made it smooth and kinda marred the Kitchen Aid bowl, oops. Now, I am good cook, but I don't use the Kitchen Aid 600, yet. I found an attachment that has a rubber side, this might solve the issue? In short, the Kitchen Aid did not seem to get a fine and creamy sort of frosting, we have used it for cheese cake no problem, but to make this frosting for pumpkin bars, it missed the mark. Our electric two beater is 45 years old and gets REAL hot, so I thought I would look for a stand version, knowing my Mom's was no longer being made. If I mention this story to my Mom, she'll find a new version, but was trying to surprise my wife and get it for her myself. Whew, that was long! Sorry and thanks!
Nancy December 4, 2019
Robert, what a lovely story. Tells us how a problem came up, how you and your Mom's old stand mixer solved a problem in making the frosting for pumpkin bars. And how you want to surprise your wife for Christmas...so are asking us and not your Mom.
My recommendation is to get your wife BOTH the Kitchen Aid blade with scraper AND a snazzy modern electric hand mixer with 2 beaters.
If you wanted to make this a big or the big present for her for Christmas, and the two small things do not seem enough to you, maybe combine them into a bigger present with some other additions or updates – like new mixing bowls or tools – or top quality and often expensive ingredients for baking (extracts, liqueurs, gold leaf, etc).
As for brands, I have or have used both Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid with great results. Review articles, like this once, include those brands and others, like Breville.
Background for my recommendation:
• As others have said, there are very few stand mixers with two beaters are being made nowadays.
• Do you really want to acquire a second (big, possibly costly) stand mixer for just one job?
• Also, appliances that large either take up valuable counter space, or tend to be used less, because one must bring them up or out from wherever they are stored.
• Hand mixers are fancier and sturdier and more powerful than your 45-year-old one that gets hot when used. It is also probably past time to replace that one for safety reasons – the heat suggests the motor is overworking, and could easily spark or stop working.
• Also, some hand mixers come with hardware that lets you post them on a wall or a pegboard, for easy access.
Have fun shopping, hope your wife loves what you get, and a happy early Christmas!

Nancy December 4, 2019
PS A couple more thoughts.
If you really marred the Kitchen Aid bowl, maybe get her a new one of those (as a separate present or part of a big collection).
The blade with scraper is a nice attachment to have - especially for making big batches of things, but it will not help a lot with your frosting problem. For that, as you have discovered, two beaters work well.
Nancy December 4, 2019
Last...Christmas or no Christmas? I assumed, maybe wrongly. Happy gift shopping, whatever the occasion!
Robert December 5, 2019
Nancy, Thank you ever so much for your thoughtful and insightful reply!
Your response caused me to pause and realize that the big Kitchen Aid, the Sprializer, the Brod & Taylor, the pressure cooker, the rice cooker, the spring form pans and many more are specialized items and their use infrequent. As such, a quality, two beater handheld mixer will do the job nicely and minimize space use and maybe even due to size, increase usage!
Again, Nancy I thank you for taking the time to help, I'm following your suggestions fully and really appreciate how your well-considered guidelines have shaped my direction.
With great appreciation and wishing you a happy early Christmas, Robert
Robert December 5, 2019
Thank you!
Robert December 5, 2019
Nancy, I ordered the Kitchen Aid 9 speed digital hand mixer and the Kitchen Aid blade, today! Yes, they will be Christmas gifts! Thanks again!!!
Nancy December 5, 2019
Robert - saw all your notes. Happy I could help, and hope you have many happy projects and eating from the 2 gifts! 😀
Wendy December 3, 2019
I think you are meaning an Electric Hand Beater, but I haven’t seen any with a stand for at least 20 years.
Robert December 4, 2019
Thank you!
Dona December 3, 2019
Bosch makes one with multiple beaters. That’s the only one I know of.
Robert December 4, 2019
Thank you!
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