What food-related name should I give my puppy?

We just adopted a rescue puppy last night and he needs a name! He's white with brindle coloring on his head and one side of his neck and two more big brindle patches on the other side not shown in the photo. He also has a very whiskery chin! I threw out Coconut (brown and white and a little hairy...), but need more names in the running. Maybe a whisky/whiskey brand to play on the whiskers?

(And this definitely isn't a competition, but Sarah got A LOT of suggestions for kitty names last month -- https://food52.com/hotline... -- there are just as many dog-loving Food52ers as cat lovers, right?!)

Lindsay-Jean Hard
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scruz August 29, 2016
willy. for willy wonka. rip.
amysarah August 29, 2016
In other too late news, I just remembered: when we adopted one of our dogs years ago, we considered another deep brown, mostly chocolate Lab whose name was Bosco. Always thought that was a great name for a pooch.
creamtea August 29, 2016
I see I'm too late with my answer! For any subsequent puppy owners who access this thread, though, my offering is "Chip."
Lindsay-Jean H. August 27, 2016
Update: We started out calling him Cappy, short for Cappuccino, but quickly realized that it sounded too spunky for this very laid back little guy, so his name is Roux! Thanks for all of the great suggestions!!
aargersi August 28, 2016
I love him. We will need more photos.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 29, 2016
I mean, if you *insist*....
aargersi August 29, 2016
He is SO cute and whiskery!!! That face! He will be JRT sized or a bit bigger? Roux - perfect!!!
Lindsay-Jean H. August 29, 2016
He's definitely JRT sized right now, but they think there's wire fox terrier in the mix, plus his paws look big for his body, so I'm thinking he's going to get a bit bigger!
dinner A. August 26, 2016
What a sweet face!
Pinto (bean)?
Latke? Or similarly, Boxty?
Not food related, but somehow his little old-soul face makes me want to call him Grandpa!
Nora August 26, 2016
Adorable. He resembles my friend's rescue pup, Tater Tot.
Paul G. August 26, 2016
Just between you and me, about five years ago, I decided my next dog would have SRIRACHA for his/her name. Even if you selected a name from above or elsewhere, SRIRACHA is the way to go, though s/he might need doggie therapy later in life due to the change
CanadaDan August 25, 2016
he looks like a "butters"
Maedl August 25, 2016
I think he looks like a Bruno . . . or maybe Sebastian. He looks like a real sweetheart with just enough mischief in him to make him a treasure. I am so happy he has found a good home. Talk about a life changing over night!
Saffron3 August 24, 2016
I also thought of Basil. Just looking at puppy, I think it is Basil!
saltysuite August 24, 2016
Snickers, sweet pea, truffles, crouton
Simplyaok August 24, 2016
He looks like a "Buster" to me..... Food source. Dairy Queen.
Jo S. August 24, 2016
- Different names of glassware
Casey H. August 24, 2016
I went through this a few months ago! Boys names are tough. I almost went with Whiskey, but picked Oaty/Oats. My other candidates + some ideas:
Ziti (can have a lot of fun with pasta shapes...)
Lindsay-Jean H. August 24, 2016
What a cutie!
amysarah August 24, 2016
Congrats – he's too sweet! I’ve always tried to give our dogs food names, but was overruled. So vicariously...

Because he's delicious and brown, white, both:

Mole ('Mo-lay,' as in Mole Poblano)
Bean (chocolate, coffee, Mr.)
Milano (cookie, not city)
Babka (white-ish and brown, and homage to the Seinfeld episode)
Freddo (as in Semifreddo, not Corleone)

Gaston (for Le Notre, master of sweet things)
Jacques (for Torres, ditto above)

Letizia August 24, 2016
Aww, he is so cute! How about Tiramisu?
Keltie August 24, 2016
Brulee - lovely brown face on a vanilla cream body.
djgibboni August 24, 2016
Latte Macchiato.
mrslarkin August 24, 2016
Puppy Van Winkle (see what I did there)
Niknud August 24, 2016
Best. Name. Ever!
Chris K. August 24, 2016
Sharon R. August 24, 2016
Lol, definitely JD as previously suggested...but for dinner reason, Basil popped into my mind...have fun with him and congrats
Sharon R. August 24, 2016
..'for some reason...'
PHIL August 24, 2016
BTW, did Sarah ever pick a name for the cat?
Lindsay-Jean H. August 24, 2016
She did -- Plum!
pierino August 24, 2016
Now tell me your dog doesn't look like Helno here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzXBTy_7hgA
caninechef August 24, 2016
Jack Daniels? He looks sort of Jack Russellesque.
pierino August 24, 2016
Not precisely food related but I've always liked the name Helno. He was the front man for the band Les Negresses Vertes. Unfortunately he died of lead singer disease. But in some ways he was like a rescue dog himself.
Smaug August 24, 2016
If he's like most puppies, Pupu (after the pupu platter) would be appropriate.
Alexandra V. August 24, 2016
JessicaHansen August 24, 2016
Rye! Could be bread or whiskey!
louisez August 24, 2016
I might have gone with love muffin, per lambchopx, if I hadn't thought of Crackerjack (Jack)
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 24, 2016

So cute.. he looks like a love muffin
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 24, 2016
I'll add another one, Biscuit because I'm eating one now warm with tomato jam.
HalfPint August 24, 2016
He looks like a "Latte" :)
Joselle August 24, 2016
What about cappuccino? Then you can call him Capp or "Chino" for short. His head coloring is like the espresso coming through the white foam of a delicious Capp.
BerryBaby August 24, 2016
It's not a whiskey name, but I like this one, I think it's a brand of gin, Boodles.
PHIL August 24, 2016
Popcorn, he is the same color
ChefJune August 24, 2016
Don't ask me why, but I took one look at him and thought "Hardtack." He's a cutie.
Ursula |. August 24, 2016
Pepper. (well, there is white pepper and brown pepper.... ;-)) Unless he has a quiet nature then it's possibly not the most fitting name.
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