Zwilling vacuum sealer bags - I need extra ones.

Where can I purchase extra bags for my sealer?

Brandy Bohnét Boudreaux


Customer-Care January 6, 2020
Hi Brandy! Sadly extra bags for the Zwilling Fresh & Save Food Vacuum Sealer Set aren't available just yet, but these are coming to our Shop in early Spring. We definitely suggest checking back then. You're also welcome to reach us at [email protected] for updates, or with any questions that come up along the way.
Beth N. January 6, 2020
Thanks for the definitive answer.
Jessica H. January 4, 2020
I tried searching on Amazon. Didn't find specific to this product, but I wonder if these would work: Waring Commercial 50 Count Vacuum seal bag with Valve, 1-Quart, Clear
Lori T. January 3, 2020
Your vacuum sealer should use the same type bags made for all the other systems- Food Saver being the most common. You can order them in bulk from places like Amazon, and they are sold in smaller packages at places like Target and Walmart. My local grocery store even sells them, albeit at a higher price. You can choose your bags by size and thickness, as well as by the number in the package.
Beth N. January 4, 2020
The food saver bags don’t have a valve opening that will fit the Zwilling vacuum sealer. I be interested to know if/where you find any more bags.
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