Food52 Dinnerware by Hawkins New York

So I’ve been eyeballing this product offering for a few months and it seems that only Cereal Bowls are available... when will the other pieces be available for purchase? I need it all, the dinner plate, the salad plate, the mugs, the serving pieces... When can I get them?



Nancy January 14, 2020
Have a look at Hawkins' site.l to see if their dishes please you.
They (still) have beautiful dinnerware, handmade in Portugal in three colors.
Emily K. January 13, 2020
Hi attnychef1911. Sadly this dinnerware is being discontinued, so what we have on the site is the remainder of this exclusive line. We do carry a newer line by the same maker that you might really like, though (noting that some of these pieces won't be back in our Shop until February):
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