Possibly ate a tiny bit of raw egg?

My mom gets organic eggs, and she was cooking right next to cereal I was going to eat, and she accidentally flung a little bit of raw egg out of the bowl.

She said she didn’t see any get into my bowl of cereal, but in case a little bit did, do you think I’ll get salmonella?

I have an extreme fear of vomiting and it would really help to get someone’s POV. I don’t think it would’ve been a lot but I’m still scared. :(

  • Posted by: Ghost
  • July 3, 2020
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1 Comment

Gammy July 3, 2020
Take a deep breath... relax! I am sure you are fine! I've eaten more raw cookie dough in my life than I care to admit, along with homemade hollandaise sauce, poached and undercooked scrambled eggs. Part of life.
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