Progressive Dinner Party menu?

Have you ever participated in a progressive/ traveling dinner party? Im doing the main course for one in a few weeks and am curious what you would prepare? It will have to be something that can sit for a little while and be ready to serve almost immediately. But it can also be somewhat minimal since there will be multiple courses. Im thinking something like braised short ribs and a vegetable? What are your ideas?

Jennifer W


MMH January 12, 2020
Our neighborhood does one. The main course is soup and salad which we always volunteer to serve. There are lots of soups which hold well.
Nancy January 12, 2020
Part of the advantage and fun of a progressive dinner is that each host/hostess can shine in the course they serve.
If there are fruits and vegetables in the meal, I'd skip the vegetable next to the main and just do the short ribs with a nice carb - potatoes, polenta or Italian bread to fare la scarpetta for the last bits of good sauce.
Also, is there a teenager in the family who could stay at home and manage the heating up of the ribs?
Last, are you all planning a theme?
Optional, but can be fun.
Jennifer W. January 12, 2020
I believe the courses will be Appetizers/Cocktails, Soup/Salad, Entree, Dessert and maybe even a cheese course. No kids unfortunately but I like your suggestion about the "nice carb". I dont think the planners are going with a theme to allow the participants room to make what they're good at, like you said.
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