, Loaded up my bag with tangerines, plums, and pears...just need a sublime tart recipe for any or all of 'em...thoughts?



Bevi April 3, 2011
I have made the Johnny Izzuini tart and I agree that it is wonderful. The Savory Plum tart that is pictured above is also out of sight. I made it for a brunch last summer and it was a huge success.
nutcakes March 31, 2011
I've got one for your pears. This calls for apples and pears, but all pears would be good too. This is awesome. I use it for dessert AND brunch. All the steps are simple. From Johnny Izzuini of Jean Georges:

For the Plums, do amanda Hesser's Plum Torte.

I like to make Tangerine mousse for after a spicy dinner. Don't know any tarts for that.
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