Help me with how to use an appliance I've never used (in the kitchen)

So I finally fulfilled a lifelong dream and have recently moved into a teeny-tiny apartment in Manhattan. The kitchen is much bigger than I ever could have expected for the "big city" but I now find myself with a BATHTUB in the kitchen! (Apparently this isn't all that uncommon in certain neighborhoods).

Any ideas on how to use this unexpected kitchen treasure? Soups that are also good for soaks? Maybe I should peel carrots while I shower? Any and all ideas appreciated!



Fran M. April 8, 2011
Just think how cozy and after dinner bath would be. The kitchen would already be nice and warm. Just perfect. Then you could lay a nicely padded board over the tub and you have an after bath massage table. What a relaxing room to build wonderful memories..... ;)
ChefJune April 6, 2011
Do you also have a bathtub in the bathroom, or is this the only one in the house?
Panfusine April 1, 2011
oh nooooo you HAD to bring that Seinfeld episode up... I'm in splits here & its beginning to hurt!
Sadassa_Ulna April 1, 2011
This question reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, where Kramer had a garbage disposal installed in the tub drain, and he would prep his salad while he showered... April Fool's Day aside, I've seen one of those apartments (upper east side) with the tub in the kitchen, and no shower elsewhere, you bathe in the kitchen... Hey, CRUSH GRAPES AND MAKE WINE!
Panfusine April 1, 2011
did you come up with this Usuba Dashi???
usuba D. April 1, 2011
Hey Guys . . . its 1 April!!
Nora April 1, 2011
Any chance of a photo?
SKK April 1, 2011
Float candles in water for ambiance.
macollins April 1, 2011
Oh...this pickle reminds me of my very first Toronto apartment. It was above a bakery in a three storey, 100+ year old building...the kitchen and bathroom were barely divided, and the water heater took up half of the 'kitchen'. I liked to use my claw foot tub for doing hand laundry.

I was curious to know the history of how bathtubs came to be in kitchens and in my google search I found a blog post you might find helpful.
drbabs April 1, 2011
If you want a great read, read "A Visit from the Goon Squad" by Jennifer Egan. One of the characters lives in a NYC apartment with a bathtub in the kitchen.
aargersi April 1, 2011
brine and entire pig or a flock of turkeys!!!
Panfusine April 1, 2011
If there's enough space in the rest of the kitchen, use it to grow your herbs. (you don't have to worry about runoff from watering the plants messing up the kitchen!
else cover it with a wooden board & use it for extra counter space & innovate from there.. (you can store other stuff below the board)
I'm assuming that you do have alternate shower facilities in the apartment.
littleknitter April 1, 2011
Well, it certainly makes cooling down beverages for parties easier - just stick a bunch of ice in the tub, then put the wine/beer/sparkling soda/whatever in.
Helen's A. April 1, 2011
Upscale bathtub gin?
boulangere April 1, 2011
Fantastic question - I can already tell that the answers are going to be rich reading!
EarlyToBed April 1, 2011
sounds like it might be the very same bathtub where my great-grandmother kept the fish before she made them into gefilte fish!
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