I'm in a pickle about Winter Spring Summer Fall Chicken Mousse!

Someone sent an email asking about substitutions for the Grand Marnier. I read it before I'd had my coffee (bad decision), and deleted it before I could respond. And I can't remember whose question it was. I've by now had some coffee, so it's safe to post it again, and I'll be ever so happy to answer you. Very sorry!



boulangere April 2, 2011
My first choice, given that I'm someone other than myself, making this for the first time, would be to (a) duplicate it exactly and evaluate the results, or (b) if I have everything but GM on hand, but have another brand or liqueur or spirits, fall back, punt using the something else. and again evaluate the results. Will it be the same as the original? No. Will the maker like the results? Well, that depends on him/her. I would much rather that someone dive in and try something rather than hesitate for not being able to duplicate the original. I seriously believe that it's all a science experiment. Does this help you?
Greenstuff April 2, 2011
In this case, wouldn't your first choice be to substitute Cognac or some other brandy-type choice rather than the clearer spirits like Cointreau or Kirsch?
boulangere April 2, 2011
OK, back in the saddle. I remember when I read your initial message and saw Cointreau, I thought, well of course! And then I thought about Kirschwasser, and what a wonderfully different direction that would take. So yes, absolutely, try either one. I'd especially love to know how the latter works. It's all a science experiment, you know! Thanks for rescuing my conscience!
hardlikearmour April 2, 2011
LOL. You know you can check your trash folder for e-mail, right? I sent you a message about substitutions - specifically Cointreau or Kirschwasser.
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