Spring/summer soups

I typically think of soup as a cold weather meal. What are some soups that are best in the spring/summer?

  • Posted by: Sarah
  • May 16, 2015


Nancy May 17, 2015
Fruit soups, often featuring stones fruits - plums, cherries and the like - from Hungarian, other Mitteleuropa, Scandinavian traditions. Also, borscht, cold with swirls of yogurt or sour cream. Last, at end of summer or early fall, beautiful fish chowders, with fresh corn and optional potatoes...hot, comforting, savory and lovely as the cooler nights come on.
Patricia May 17, 2015
Try the Moroccan-Spiced Cold Tomato Soup on Epicurious. It's simple & delicious - a lovely first course for a summer dinner, or great on its own for a light meal.
inpatskitchen May 16, 2015
Check out "Your Best Warm Weather Soup" contest from last September:
luvcookbooks May 16, 2015
This week I had a cold asparagus and nettle soup made w mushroom stock, olive oil and garlic and last week I had a sweet pea gazpacho. I think the peas were cooked, blended, and served cold.
Sweets May 16, 2015
sweet pea soup with mint. I guess you can make it with frozen peas in the winter, but its just not the same.
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 16, 2015
Vichyssoise is common in the summer in my parts (ct).
JulieS May 16, 2015
There are so many variations on "gazpacho " out there that you could practically prepare a different one every night! Think beyond just tomato (even though they are wonderful in their own right). There are white gazpachos, Spanish style with ground almonds and more. Here is a delicious one to try: http://food52.com/recipes/18115-cucumber-mint-gazpacho
Pegeen May 16, 2015
Gazpacho is the best. So easy to make and the ingredients are available for months and months.
Pegeen May 16, 2015
You can also do a search on Cold Soup in the Recipes section on the site. Lots of great recipes.
Chef L. May 16, 2015
I am fond of avocado shooters. Simple to prepare and the sky is the limit on garnishes. A google search will return hundreds of examples. I serve this typically as a starter with fish.
Gabriella May 16, 2015
Try a gazpacho or another cold soup. I really also enjoy cauliflower soup this time of year, it can be pretty light with a splash of lemon, but still creamy, bonus that it's SO simple to make.
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