Iodixed salt / Altitude adjustments?

So my questions are rather specific : if I simply cannot find NON-IODIZED salt will it ruin the entire loaf if I use it? Would it better to OMIT the salt or can I still use iodized?
Also, what (if any) special procedures are required if I live at higher Altitude (like Denver, CO. for example)? Less hydration, more time in bulk fermentation, shorter baking time, etc...?

Harley M Baldwin
Table Loaf
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HalfPint April 27, 2020
I can help with the salt part of your question. Iodized salt should not be a problem for making bread. Sea salt has a little bit of iodine in it. Use whatever salt you have. It should be ok.

Sorry I can't help with the altitude part. I don't have experience with that.
sfifer December 28, 2020
I just made my first table loaf per the recipe exactly. It came out perfect & I live in the metro Denver area.
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