Fed sourdough starter vs leaven

I am new to sourdough... If I fed my sourdough starter in the morning and it has more than doubled in size and I have been feeding it everyday do I really need to make leaven? Is fed starter essentially the same thing as leaven?

  • Posted by: Mayaop
  • May 4, 2020
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BakerBren May 4, 2020
Fed starter is similar to leaven, but the idea is to maintain a constant small amount of sourdough culture/starter and to start a Leaven for each batch of bread using a seed amount from that maintained starter. A leaven usually has a much smaller percent of inoculation (say 25g starter to 250g flour and 250g water) vs. sourdough culture/starter (like 50g starter, 50g flour, 50g water for each maintenance feeding). That makes a difference when it comes to rising power and avoiding overproofing. It can also have an impact on enzyme activity, although your active, recently fed starter should be better in that regard. If you won't exhaust your sourdough starter supply by using it as a leaven (or you want to use it all up), go for it and see what happens. Worst case: it might have poor volume, a dull crust, and taste extra tangy. But it'll still be good.
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