My sourdough bread has very large holes throughout but mostly on top. This has happened each time I attempted to make sourdough bread.

The holes are too large on the top of the loaf making it hard to use for a sandwich or spread anything on it. How can I avoid this and have a more consistent texture throughout the bread?

Lori Spadaro Fogel
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aspromissed July 8, 2020
My dough turned runny and I can’t form a ball.
dr.sisler September 16, 2020
More than likely your dough over-fermented in the bulk. It became too acidic and began to break down the gluten. If your bulk ferment was under 4 hrs and still became runny (after being cohesive dough) your starter may be too acidic. Decrease time between feedings for a few days, about every 12 hrs. And try again
Stephanie B. May 7, 2020
If you want a more consistent texture, just knead or fold the dough more. A light touch makes a more irregular gluten network and irregular crumb structure (which is hot right now, but as you said not exactly useful for putting things on your bread) but if you knead the dough for a few more minutes, it kind of aligns the gluten network into a more uniform structure, making a more even crumb.

A few things can cause denser bread towards the bottom of the loaf, but one common cause of this is under proving.
Lori S. May 9, 2020
Thanks, Stephanie B. for your response. I will try to knead the dough a little longer. Should I take more time in the beginning before starting the bulk fermentation or just increase the number of times I do the stretch and folds? Also thinking of trying a less hydrated dough to see if I get any different results. I'll keep you posted!
HalfPint May 6, 2020
This site suggests that it might be due to too much leavener:

Lori S. May 9, 2020
Thanks I'll take a look at that article.
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