Bread takes more time to bake

Hi! Today I followed King Arthur recipe Classic white sandwich bread. Total baking time is around 40 min but my bread took more than an hour. And also it didn't get pale colored texture. Not only this recipe...this happens to me in every bread recipe whether it is sandwich loaf or brioche. I egg washed it too..
May be my oven temperature is not that what I think it is.. I set temperature as per recipe and preheated it..
I just want to ask, what will happen if I bake bread at lower or higher temperature than recipe? Suppose recipe calls for 180°C but I bake it at 150°C or 210°C? What will be effects on inner and outer texture?

Manisha Agrawal


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702551 December 8, 2017
If you wish to improve your chances of having consistent baking results, you will need an oven that performs consistently and accurately.

Start by acquiring an oven thermometer which should give you a clue about the accuracy of your oven's thermostat.
Nancy December 8, 2017
And use the thermometer to accurately set whatever oven you use, then follow recipe as written, see if you get satisfactory results before you start changing or adjusting a recipe.
702551 December 8, 2017
Like with other cooking methods, if you don't use the right temperature, you may not get satisfactory results.

If the temperature is too high, the outside may be overcooked (dark or burnt) while the interior is not sufficiently cooked (undercooked, raw, cold).

For example, if you toss a chicken onto a roaring fire, this skin will carbonize and interior meat will be raw.

If the heat is too low, the item may not reach the required temperature for certain chemical reactions to occur, particularly browning.

For example, you toast a slice of bread at a very low temperature, the bread will eventually dry out, but it will never brown.
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