Need some ideas for a dish to bring to an office potluck (21 ppl) that can be served room temperature (that's not pasta salad)



Sam1148 April 4, 2011
I do MCJen corn and black bean salad, with a couple of substitutions. Lime juice instead of vinegar. And flat parsley instead of Cilantro. (with a crowd of 20 or so...some will HATE cilantro). But there is hope. My partner is a cilantro hater, it turns out he reacts the leaf (that filthy nasty soap weed). But stems chopped up are fine. Apparently they don't soapins (sp). that the leaf contains but still have the flavor. YMMV on that.
emadethis April 4, 2011
I'm a big time fan of this chickpea salad:

I use moscatel or sometimes vinegar instead of the champagne.
Nora April 4, 2011
I've shared a recipe for lentils with chard that is delicious at any temperature. You can easily make it your own, too. If you make a great variation, please tell!
SKK April 4, 2011

I shared a recipe for green beans and basil that I have made over and over becuase of requests with Liza English Nevin 6 days ago. Her question was about serving a buffet for 100, and there were some great ideas you may want to check out.

prettyPeas April 4, 2011
In general, I rarely get excited about cold food with the exception of my now go-to potluck dish--pasta with green beans, potatoes, and pesto genovese. (I know, you said no pasta salads--I often make it without the pasta and it is also quite good that way, too.) The combination is great, and the sweetness of the green beans really comes out with the cooler temperatures and pesto.
MCJen April 4, 2011
We have regular office potlucks, and I am the salad lady. My favorite room-temp dish is a black bean and corn salad. Black beans, corn, red onions. Add some cumin to a balsamic vinaigrette (I usually make my own with white balsamic, since the bottled variety often aren't vinegary enough for me), and marinate the salad overnight. Prior to serving, stir in some cilantro. It's simple, but my co-workers love it. Others that are often requested are a couscous salad with veggies and vinaigrette dressing, or the "Fancy Salad" - a green salad with baby greens with a bunch of veggies, including baby peppers, halved cherry tomatoes and cucumber, slivered almonds, dried cherries or cranberries, sometimes a crumbled gorgonzola or blue cheese and a variety of dressings. Fancier than what most people will bother to prepare at home, I guess.
StacyG April 4, 2011
This is my go to recipe that is good cold/room temp: Silver Palate's Chicken Marbella
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