First successful attempt after 3 previous trys!! woohoo!

So this was the first loaf of sourdough that I consider successful after three previous attempts that had to be thrown away! Sarah's video instructions were outstanding, clear and concise and I feel I learned so much! All the sour breads I've made before creating my starter were made with greek yogurt. This loaf definitely has the right texture and nice open crumb that I've been looking for. Although its not very sour. Does anyone know how to create a more sour flavor for this loaf? Is it my starter? I use APF for this starter, could that be it? I have just started another starter that is doing well using just Rye flour, do you think that will create a more sour flavor? I thought I read somewhere that letting retard longer in the refrigerator will also make a more sour loaf, is that accurate? Thanks for any advice!! :)

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Table Loaf
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Erika Y. May 17, 2020
A longer retard in the fridge will result in a more sour loaf. The rye flour helps too. Experiment and you’ll find what works for you!
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