What do you think of this? Quarantine Weekly Meal Plans & Tutorials

Hi everyone,
When quarantine restrictions brought us back into our kitchens, it became even more important to bring some guidance, inspiration, and much needed joy to the table.

I decided to wrap my experience as a sommelier & food professional into a collection of carefully curated recipes with wine pairings & grocery lists delivered to your inbox every Friday.

Some of you told me you were tired of making the same old, tried-and-true dishes. Some said they wanted to make meals their family would love, others just wanted to learn something new, to go on a culinary adventure - maybe master duck-on-a-weeknight while they're at it (who knows anything is possible).

So! I would love to know what you all think about this idea and I'm looking for recipe testers~

If this sounds like something you'd like to try out you can email me directly zara.marin[@]gmail.com to get a few free weeks of menu plans.
Or, check it out here:

Happy cooking!
<3 Zara

Zara F.


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