Show me your best "healthy" hearty muffin recipe!

When it comes to baked goods, I actually prefer the flavors of whole wheats over white flour. My body prefers unrefined sugars - honey, molasses, maple syrup - over white sugar. I love a muffin that actually has some body to it. So I'm looking for the best whole wheaty, not so sweet muffin recipes out there. Show me your spelt, your buckwheat, your bran, I'm trying to learn what makes a crazy good muffin.

Emily Hanhan


healthierkitchen April 6, 2011
I've also made drbabs' zucchini bread as muffins:
drbabs April 6, 2011
These have All Bran cereal in them--so you may not like that--but they are crazy good.

These do, too (variations on a theme) and are also really good.
SKK April 6, 2011
I love hemp seed, the taste and its health benefits has a great recipe for muffins.
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