Confused about when to add the final dough ingredients

Having watched the video and read through the recipe multiple times, I'm confused about when to add the 310g of flour, etc. for the final dough. In the video, they mix the "leaven" by hand, and then immediately add the full flour, etc. BUT IN REAL TIME, SHOULD WE ACTUALLY LET THAT LIQUID LEVEAN SIT FOR 8-12 HOURS AND THEN ADD THE BREAD DOUGH INGREDIENTS? I just started my usual starter feeding, which usually takes 6-8 hours. Is that the unpublished step 1, and then step 2 is an 8-12 hour leaven fermentation, and then step 3 is the beginning of the dough process???

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Table Loaf
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gingging65 September 10, 2020
So if I am correct in the timing for the steps I put in my question here, then I THINK the table I set up as a guide might be helpful. (The times of day are based on wanting a loaf ready for dinner on "day 3." Let me know what you think, and good luck, bakers!
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