Question about using a mixer for this recipe

Could I use a mixer to mix or a spoon to mix it all instead of my hand? Also, does vanilla just mean vanilla extract? Thanks.

Joya Esagoff
Rosh Hashanah Apple Cake
Recipe question for: Rosh Hashanah Apple Cake


Joya E. September 17, 2020
Could I use grape seed oil for the recipe instead of canola oil? I don't have canola oil.
zahavah September 17, 2020
Yes, you can use any neutral oil that you have at home. Grape seed oil will work very well. Good luck!
Joya E. September 18, 2020
Thank you.
Joya E. September 15, 2020
Also, what should I use to grease the pan? Can I put olive oil? What do you recommend?
Nancy September 15, 2020
I've used either oil or butter to prepare a pan or parchment paper lining a pan.
Both work well.
Joya E. September 15, 2020
Thank you.
zahavah September 15, 2020
Hi Joya. When I wrote “by hand” I meant stir with a spoon or my favorite tool - a silicone “spoonula.” You can also use a mixer but be sure to not over mix - for a cake this easy, I didn’t see a need for a mixer!

I would recommend using a neutral oil (like vegetable or canola) to grease the pan. Spray oil or butter works well too. I wouldn’t use olive oil because it could impart a flavor that may compete with the apples.

And yes, cooking the apples in butter rather than margarine will work well. I don’t normally use margarine but I needed this cake to be dairy-free.

Hope it comes out well!
Joya E. September 15, 2020
Perfect thanks.
Nancy September 15, 2020
Should be fine to use either a mixer or spoon...this is an easy batter to mix (for ex, no butter to soften and blend in).
Yes, vanilla is usually extract, but you can use paste or bean if you have/prefer one of those.
Joya E. September 15, 2020
Thank you. I’m going to use butter instead of margarine.
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