@food52 foodpickle You guys need an iphone app.



Burnt O. April 9, 2011
Oh Peter! Not JUST a Foodpickle app! Food52 recipes, contests, blog content - "we want it all, and we want it now" ;-) (I hope you know I'm teasing - sort of)
Peter April 9, 2011
Two things. You can email the iPhone photo to yourself and then post it from your computer -- no digital camera needed.

Second, a Foodpickle app for the iPhone? Interesting idea. ;-)
gt9 April 9, 2011
Just what I was wishing for this week. A cool Food 52 app for my phone!
Amanda, Merrill...
StacyG April 9, 2011
I posted this on twitter and am surprised to find it here! I had asked for radish advice so last night I took pictures, using my iphone, of the roasted radishes I made. I went online with the phone but was not able to post them . I think I need a food52 app but I find none.
I thought the iphone would be easier than going the digital camera, download to computer route.
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