Make whipped cream ahead of time

Can I make whipped cream and put a dollop on top of pudding a day ahead?

  • Posted by: heiwei
  • October 16, 2020


Lori T. October 17, 2020
I wouldn't put the whipped cream on the pudding a day ahead, but I would make a stabilized whipped cream to make it easier done on the day. You can use a product called Instant Clear-Jel, or the easier available powdered gelatin. The easiest to find in the grocery is made by Knox. You need a teaspoon of that per cup of whipping cream. Soften the gelatin in a measuring cup or small bowl with a small amount of water until it swells. Then dissolve it either in the microwave or a pan of simmering hot water until it is clear and liquid. Set it aside to cool a bit, and whip your cream until it forms soft peaks. Then beat in the cooled and melted gelatin. Keep whipping until it gets a matte look and makes stiff peaks. Just take care, because it will happen rather fast once you add in the gelatin and you can over-whip your cream. Best to err for caution, than end up with butter. Once you are at stiff peaks, transfer the whipped cream to a covered storage container and chill until needed. It lasts a couple days without returning to a liquidy format. It's also a bit stiffer than regular, un-gelatinized cream, so you could pipe it on the pudding if you wanted. Or dollop it- either way is a tasty choice. Never say no to a pudding with whipped cream on top- no matter what shape the dollop is!
heiwei October 17, 2020
Thank you!!!
Smalltowngirl October 16, 2020
Hi there. The only way to make it ahead would be to add a stabilizer to it. It would be all weepy and wet. Not so nice. I have seen a trick used by my Aunt who cooks these huge dinners and doesn't like to fuss 'day of' the event.....can be made a week ahead! For about two cups of whip cream, you add about 1/3 cup of corn syrup and a splash of vanilla. Whip as you do, then put it into a freezer-safe container and line its very top with plastic wrap pressed gently on it. Freeze till the day you need it - according to her it takes about an hour or so to thaw. But if the very thought of corn syrup is too distressing there are other ways - I myself have used powdered gelatin with success, lasted three days in my fridge. Just google that for instructions - easy method, just too much to ramble on about here. No matter the method I wouldn't pre-top the pud. It won't take long and the risk of ruin is too high, I mean it's pudding! Good Luck!
heiwei October 17, 2020
Thank you so much!!!
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