Do freshly grated potatoes work?

Maybe this is obvious but would freshly grated potatoes work as well here? Not sure if the frozen hash has a different consistency or importance?

  • Posted by: Kelsie
  • October 21, 2020
Breakfast Casserole
Recipe question for: Breakfast Casserole


Lori T. October 22, 2020
I don't see any reason why you couldn't use freshly grated potatoes in place of the frozen variety. The only thing I think would change is the total baking time, since they don't have to thaw in the oven before cooking starts. It sure wouldn't matter for the portion added to the top near the end, since the recipe instructs you to let those thaw anyway. The only thing you would need to take care with is draining your grated potatoes well before adding them in. That's if you have had to soak grated potatoes in water while you continued to grate more. If not, then no problem at all.
Nancy October 22, 2020
Lori - you're right about the extra moisture from raw grated potatoes. From experience making latkes from potatoes even NOT soaked, they have a lot of water. Drain in a sieve or wring out in a clean towel before adding to dish.
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