Has anyone used Dr. Bronner's soap for doing dishes? How does it do with greasy dishes?

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susan G. April 12, 2011
I know people who have used Dr. Bronner's soaps for any and all cleaning uses, including in place of toothpaste and shampoo. I have used it in a pinch to wash dishes (hand wash, not machine) and laundry too, but Sal Suds is meant for house uses. You're not likely to see it on a store shelf, but ask the retailer to order it for you.
Bevi April 12, 2011
Wow - thanks for that tip, Kristen. I did not realize that Dr. Bronner's actually had a household soap. I'll give it a test.
Kristen M. April 12, 2011
Dr. Bronner's has a household all-in-one that I use for washing dishes. It's called Sal Suds, for some reason. It's also good at getting food stains out of clothes (not that I would know anything about spilling all over myself...).
Bevi April 11, 2011
I used to use Dr. Bronners. It is very sudsy, and many years ago I stopped using it because I could not get the soapy residue out of my dishes. The oils in the formula are very concentrated, and leave a film. I believe you can buy Caldera at WFM. I like that product.
Peter April 11, 2011
I've never used it on dishes, but when I've volunteered on vegetable farms it was great for washing off my sweaty grime at the end of the day. (Was that TMI?)
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