what would be best to use if I have to make a dish using booze?

My question is if I am making a dish using booze, what would be best to use wine, beer or bourbon , anything else etc.. and should it be a savory dish or dessert?

Devangi Raval


Devangi R. March 29, 2012
Thanks Hardlikearmour the state fair cream puffs sounds really boozy...esp when I read A$M's notes....I know through your recipes that you quite like to cook with bourbon or brandy or may be other stuff...what is best to use in dessert recipes..which gives perfect booze results..u know what I mean..
hardlikearmour March 28, 2012
This bread pudding is good, and easily made ahead. If you transport it wrapped in some towels, it should stay warm for quite awhile. http://www.food52.com/recipes/3210_bourbon_chocolate_bread_pudding

If you're able to do the assembly on site these are a good option. They're nicely boozy and pretty darn tasty (full disclosure, it's my recipe.) http://www.food52.com/recipes/12395_state_fair_cream_puffs
SKK March 28, 2012
About a year ago there was a Food52 contest called Your Best Dish You Would Set on Fire and here is one of my favorites http://food52.com/recipes/10693_flamin_cajun_shrimp using and this recipe calls for cognac. You could prep, carry it to the venue and light it there but you will need a hot plate or burner of some kind. And do not get the bottle close to the flame, just carry the amount of cognac called for in a separate container.
Devangi R. March 29, 2012
This looks interesting..yes, they would be providing us with chafing dishes and sterno , but no electrical stuff is allowed..hmmm will think over it..thanks for the suggestion..
ChefOno March 28, 2012
One of my all-time favorite desserts that just happens to scale well to feed a crowd, can be prepared in advance and doesn't require any special prep to serve (outside of needing to be warm) is Sticky Toffee Pudding. Anne Burrell's version uses two "boozes" (spiced rum and brandy) which perfectly compliment the brown sugar, butter and dates.

Devangi R. March 29, 2012
Thanks ChefOno This looks amazing and the best part is she has used two types of booze...What do you think brings out more flavor in terms of booze and can have positive effect on the dish.
White wine, dessert wine, brandy, bourbon.. As I am not sure, as in I don't really cook a lot using wines or alcohol.. I am thinking of making either pudding, clafouti or any type of cupcakes using champagne..Right lot of ideas are skimming in my mind..Thanks
ChefOno March 29, 2012
Personally, when I hear the term "booze", my mind goes toward distilled spirits rather than wine or beer. Brandy and bourbon are common, Culinarily speaking, rum quite a bit less so which could be an advantage in a competition. Rum can also hold a lot of surprise for many people who think they won't like it but then they do.

Otherwise, I don't think there's a "best", the important thing is that the flavors in the dish complement each other.
susan G. March 28, 2012
I went through the recipes you have on food52, and I think you can make some modifications and have something for this competition. Figgy Pudding: a hard sauce, or some brandy added to the pudding (http://www.food52.com/recipes/7558_cranberrymolasses_pudding_with_vanilla_hard_sauce). Blue Corn Birthday Cake: mesh your pancakes with a Crepe Suzette recipe to incorporate the booze -- or use your Lilikoi Sauce with some added complementary alcohol (maybe make the Blue Corn as Crepes, with the Lilikoi Sauce thickened as a filling?).
I found something -- Tempeh Bourguignon, in Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health, with red wine. Message me if you want details. I tend to think in parallels -- if Beef Bourguignon is good, how can I adapt the principle for the taste and flair?
Devangi R. March 29, 2012
Thanks Susan G for the suggestions..Honestly I had thought of the figgy pudding but was not sure ...I am thinking of using that pudding recipe to incorporate into a tart or as I said below may clafouti or something..I am looking forward to use figs, although they are not yet in season..still thinking..same question to you as I asked Chefono what booze or alcohol brings out most flavors ..I definitely sure of making something in dessert...thanks..
Devangi R. March 28, 2012
Apologies because I just didn't explain the actual thing in detail- I am going to be preparing "one" dish and it is for a competition and there would be a large number of people. I am going to prepare it at my place and carrying it all the way to the venue. And, the theme is "booze" So, I was thinking of making some kind of dessert or so..but not sure..secondly, I am vegetarian ...I do eat sea food but never made it.
ChefOno March 28, 2012
You don't say what the purpose of this exercise is or if you want the alcoholic component to stand out or remain in the background so it's difficult to know where to start. There are just so many possibilities. You might want to start with wine as true "booze" usually carries a more prominent flavor. (Or maybe that's what you want?)

One of my favorite dishes is Beurre Blanc (White Butter Sauce) over sautéed fish -- simple, elegant, easy to prepare.

Beef Bourguignon and Coq au vin are two other classic dishes with subtle wine components.

And Crêpes Suzette would make a fine finish to any meal, boozy or not.
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