Is rice kosher?

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latoscana April 12, 2011
Susan g makes a good point - rice is Kosher, but, for some Jews, it is not Kosher for Passover. I guess in our discussion we assumed our questioner meant Kosher for Passover, which starts next week, and my comment about rice was about Passover (Pesach). For Ashkenazi Jews, rice is not allowed during Passover (see Because bread could be made from it, it is treated a grain (called kitniyot).
susan G. April 12, 2011
Did you mean kosher or 'kosher for passover'? In itself, rice is kosher. What you add to it would have to also be kosher.
latoscana April 12, 2011
Most American Jews are Ashkenazi, from Eastern Europe, and do not eat rice or other grains, except matzo meal or potato flour at Pesach. Jews who hail from the Mediterranean area, Sephardic Jews, have different dietary standards. So if you are serving an Ashkenazi crowd, they won't eat rice and could be surprised and very uncomfortable to see it on the table. Best to stick with items that are Kosher on any table.
ChefJune April 12, 2011
Rice is parve. However, Ashkenazi Jews do NOT eat rice during Passover (although Sephardic Jews do).
Sam1148 April 12, 2011
I need to correct my answer after reserach. It really depends on the sect of 'kosher" you have . Google has some answers for that; for some it's fine, for more strict sects is isn't.

Kinda like gay marriage and Christian religions. Some it's okay. Others it's not.

Sam1148 April 12, 2011
Yes, Unless you top it with chicken and eggs and soy sauce for a OYAKO DONBURI.

The literal tranlation is "Mother and Child" meaning chicken bits and eggs...served over rice.
It's very good. Not Kosher at all.
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