Are swordfish kosher?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


ChefJune March 19, 2013
I sure think so! It's a fin fish, it's not a bottom feeder. Cannot think of any reason why it is not edible by those who subscribe to the laws of Kashruth.
ChefJune March 19, 2013
I looked it up after I responded, and according to the most Orthodox Jews, it is not Kosher. However, the leaders of the Conservative branch say it is. If you're in doubt, I would choose another fish that is not in dispute.
William W. March 19, 2013
That's a tough call. Many people say that it is, and many people say that it is not. For a long time it was considered Kosher, but in the 1950's scientific research led to the belief that it was not. Either way it is certainly delicious!
If you have some very conservative people coming for dinner, you may not want to serve it.
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