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You should know that *every* single step in this recipe either has a spelling or grammatical error, or both. For example: “Traditionally Chinese make their own master brain by boiling water and salt” 😂

Seriously though, I’m available, if you want to hire an actual editor. :-) Just looking out for your reputation.

Rubi SF
  • Posted by: Rubi SF
  • December 19, 2020
'Sichuan PaoCai'   Sichuan Pickles
Recipe question for: 'Sichuan PaoCai' Sichuan Pickles


Brinda A. December 19, 2020
Hey Rubi SF, thanks for flagging—many of our recipes are submissions from community members from all over. If you’d like to see the recipes from Food52’s editors and tested in our test kitchen, look out for recipes with the tag “Test Kitchen-Approved” on the bottom left of the photo.

Hope this helps.
hardlikearmour December 19, 2020
Many of the recipes on this site are submitted by home cooks. They are not edited by food52, and may be from non-native English speakers.

To me this comment sounds condescending and a little cruel.
Rubi S. December 19, 2020
Totally jumped the gun on that! Good looking out! Should have done my research before commenting. I now understand they are “Unedited” for a reason. Thanks!
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