Reducing flour in cookies - can I do that to other cookie recipes? I

I want to take other cookie recipes and reduce the flour. Can you guide me. Thanks.

Deborah Thurber
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1 Comment

Lori T. January 13, 2021
Those cookies work with less flour because the oatmeal is there to help provide a little structure. If you simply reduce the amount of flour in a cookie recipe, you risk the chance of having your dough simply turn into one large, thin mess. Something has to be present to absorb the liquid and provide structure. It's kind of like taking the walls out of the interior of your house, in a way. Some of those walls are holding up your roof. Take out too many, and pretty soon you have shingles for flooring. You can sometimes reduce the amount of wheat flour by replacing it with another type flour, but you still may have a problem because of the lower gluten level. Gluten free flours contain ingredients to replace those lost starches and proteins. So if you want to reduce the amount of flour in a cookie recipe, but retain the same basic cookie, you will have to use a flour substitute of some sort. You can't just simply reduce the amount, any more than you can take out any old wall in your house.
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