would this work with larger chicken parts?

Accidentally bought a pack of chicken wings, drumsticks, and skinless thighs — would this recipe still work / should any cooking times be modified for the larger chicken parts?



Jaclyn G. February 18, 2021
I tried it with chicken thighs (bone in, skin on) and it worked fine! Just note that tossing them all in the bowl like you would the wings is difficult, so I ended up doing two thighs at a time.
Cathy February 6, 2021
I'm going to try with drumsticks. I may need to adjust first roast cooking time. Will report back.
Happygoin February 5, 2021
It should work just fine with two caveats. First, the coating may not adhere quite as well to the skinless chicken thighs as the others, but unless you’re serving it to guests, it’ll be fine. Second, the cuts may not all cook in the same time. The thighs may take a few more minutes.
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