What do they mean my “refreshed starter”?

Quick question my starter has been doubling in size consistently. When should I use the starter to make a Levain? I saw it stated “10 grams 100% hydration active starter, refreshed (fed)”. Is that when the starter is at peak activity? Or is it when I discard and “refresh” with new flour that I take 10 grams from that?

Anish Unni
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HalfPint February 22, 2021
Refreshed = active or fed. Basically, discard half (approximately) the starter and feed remaining with equal parts flour and water (or whatever ratio you tend to maintain for the starter; most are 100% hydration which is 50% flour + 50% water). Then let it rest until to starts to bubble, increasing in volume (this can take a few hours to all day).
HalfPint February 22, 2021
Sorry, read the rest of your post. I would use fed starter at peak activity.
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